Who Are We
The I Am Woman Business Network’s mission is to assist women entrepreneurs and CEO's with increasing their profits, visibility, clientele, and impact.
To train and develop a community of women entrepreneurs and CEO's to build big businesses and live fulfilled lives, while helping them to serve others on a global level.
When You Empower One Woman, You Empower Many!

 Who Are We?

The I Am Woman Business Network™, Founded by Yakinea Marie, is a business training and development company that support women entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners in developing, monetizing, and expanding their business through VIP strategic coaching, masterminds, workshops, and our success training center.

The I Am Woman Business Network™ is not only focused only developing the profession of the woman, but the person of the woman. We believe in creating WEALTH, not just money. We believe in creating a life of fulfillment in the areas of relationships, finances, health, spiritual, and emotional while building BIG businesses. YES! WE BELIEVE THAT WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Our goal is to create a culture of women who live life with purpose and achieve ELEVATED results.

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